Basic GD&T Training Course

2 days

The objectives of the training are to gain an understanding of the basics of form and position tolerancing and their precise application. First, the students will become familiar with the general concept and the basics of the methodology. Subsequently, these skills will be applied to their specific designs, i.e. in the course they discuss their own specifications that are used as detailed examples.

From project experiences we know that tolerance allocation is often considered as too theoretical. It is still common practice to copy & paste the tolerances from old projects to the new design. We deliver a best-practice oriented guideline in our curriculum.

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What is covered?

  • Basics of geometric dimensioning

  • Development of form and position deviations

  • GD&T in comparison to coordinate dimensions

  • Definition of datum reference systems

  • Maximum / minimum material condition

  • Application on concrete examples

  • On request ASME Y 14.5 2004/2009