Training Courses

Tolerance analysis and optimisation of customer specific problems

The EnginSoft Group works with a variety of engineering companies offering a range of training courses to meet client requirements. Our consultants have 20+ years of industry expertise in solving real-world challenges and have been certified by German CERTQUA. Courses have been completed by companies such as Toyota Motorsports, EADS, Audi and many other major OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers.

We offer bespoke onsite and offsite training courses for the application of GD&T, Tolerance Management as well as onsite training for the 3D software solutions. Tailored to your specific needs, these courses range from beginner's level to advanced specialist knowledge and are usually between 2-5 days depending on the training required.

If you are contemplating buying or indeed already use 3D Tolerance Analysis software, careful consideration should be given to ongoing training from industry practitioners. It is just as important to us as it is for you to be able to benefit from the software to resolve the problems that lead you to look for the solution in the first place. We offer both basic and advance training as either bespoke or standard training courses to ensure that you are gaining maximum value and reaping the benefits of your purchase decision.

Available Courses

Basic GD&T Training Course

2 days

Applying GD&T methods to your designs correctly has a significant impact on your production process. GD&T helps you to communicate permissible level of manufacturing variation in an unmistakably and precise manner ensuring your design intent and functionality is met. This course can be offered either as a standard training course or as an interactive workshop style learning environment with your own designs.

Learn the key essentials required to interpret the correct symbols to convey the form and position tolerancing and their precise application.

Advanced GD&T Training Course

2 days

Life-long learning is expected from every professional. Further develop your knowledge on the advanced aspects of GD&T and understand how to apply advanced tolerance concepts to achieve optimal results.

This course can be offered either as standard course or tailored around one of your own projects.

Training for CETOL 6σ

3 days

To enable you to use the full potential of the advanced tolerance management software CETOL 6σ, EnginSoft provides you with both basic and advanced courses in either bespoke or standard training format to implement CETOL 6σ in your design process.

Training for GD&T Advisor

2 days

Maximise the benefits you can gain from GD&T Advisor. An introductory course to learn how to apply GD&T Advisor to take immediate advantage of the software solution.

The course combines both learning and practical applications to understand how GD&T Advisor can be applied to your own CAD part models.

The Essentials of GD&T Webinar

Mr Andreas Baumann, Technical Director at TTC³ (part of the EnginSoft Group)
One hour (3 - 4PM GMT)

Attend this one hour webinar to understand the essentials of GD&T. Register to attend on one of the dates planned for 2015 to learn the essential tips and tricks from an industry expert in tolerance analysis to help you achieve more robust and reliable designs.

Tolerance Management in the Product Development Process

This workshop illustrates the tolerance management approach in six steps, using practical examples.

Learn how to use a Top-Down-Approach to detect, scrutinise and evaluate the level of effects that influence part dimensions. This approach covers the entire manufacturing process, from single components to the assembly and quality assurance, to ensure process capability (Design for Six Sigma).