There is increasing demand to produce better quality products, with a lower scrap rate within a tight budget to remain competitive in the global market.

We understand the engineering challenges companies face and have been at the forefront of implementing solutions which have enabled over 1000 clients of the EnginSoft Group to implement solutions for complex design processes that are cost effective with a high conformity rate.

Today's Challenge

Many of the manufacturing companies we meet are experiencing:

  • Assemblies not fitting together

  • Moving parts clashing affecting product performance

  • Interruptions in manufacturing flows

  • Large amounts of scrap

  • Third party manufacturers can't deliver within predicted quality or budget price

  • Customers receiving their orders late

  • Product failure and/or customer reclamation

We engage with design, engineering and manufacturing teams

We assess the manufacturability of your designs long before they reach production, ensuring robust design and a reliable and cost-effective manufacturing process. We will demonstrate how your parts will function in the assembled product and aim to help you get it 'right first time' and every time. Don’t underestimate the importance of tolerances – our experience shows that they affect up to 80% of components costs!

Consultancy Process

We offer advice in the following areas:

  • Audit:

    • The current design, manufacturing, assembly and quality control process
    • Analyse the use of GD&T in the clients' design processes
    • Inspect drawings
    • Assess manufacturability of current parts and assemblies
  • Consultancy:

    • Analyse and understand what is causing manufacturing problems
    • Identify solutions to reduce costs of design and manufacturing
    • Develop working models of your designs within 3D Tolerance Analysis tools
    • Identify the key contributors to the design failure
    • Work closely with you to develop the next step in eradicating problems
    • Identify and reduce unnecessarily tight tolerances
    • Deduce optimized measurement plans form simulation results
  • Training:

    • Teach design to function
    • Implement basic and advanced GD&T methodologies and skills by teaching the basics first and providing support during the implementation process
    • Teach clients to develop their own working models within tolerance analysis tools
    • Implementing Dimensional Management in product development
  • Mentoring:

    • On-site tolerance Analysis experts enabling you to deliver higher quality at a lower cost

We have assisted designers through a standards-based application of GD&T from within the CAD environment, increasing GD&T standards conformity and accuracy while reducing the time to apply GD&T by up to 75%.