EnginSoft are experts in tolerance analysis for engineering design and manufacturing companies that assemble multi-component products.

Stay out of the headlines for:

  • Product recalls

    the cost of product recalls due to design faults is incalculable on Company Value
  • Risk and Liability

    the legal costs can be crippling
  • Halt in production

    can you risk considering tolerance analysis as an afterthought?

80% of manufacturing errors are caused by the incorrect application of geometrical dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) methods

Analysing and specifying tolerances is often assumed to be tedious and time-consuming work, yet many designers and engineers underestimate the importance of this task.

EnginSoft’s experts have longstanding expertise with 20+ years experience and extensive knowledge in the field of Tolerance Management, with a particular capability in managing the 3D tolerances of complex assemblies. This involves consultation, training and sophisticated software for all aspects of Tolerance Management, such as GD&T, Tolerance Analysis and Optimisation.

No company is immune to product recall. A significant number of these can be attributed to the incorrect application of GD&T. EnginSoft, with over 300 clients benefitting from our highly developed advisory service and software solutions, are well positioned to manage your tolerances efficiently. You will develop efficient tolerance spans and tolerance plans that will even allow you to relax tolerances without suffering a loss in quality but with a significant saving in manufacturing costs.

Our experts are committed to improving your products by finding and overcoming the roots of your Tolerance Management issues.

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